100 Greatest Riffs Challenge

Do you accept our greatest riffs challenge of all time?

With the launch of our brand new Youtube channel ’15 Minute Guitar’ we are delighted to bring you our 100 Greatest Riffs Challenge. These Riffs have been painstakingly put together in order of difficulty so you can progress through and notice great improvements in your guitar playing along the way. The Riffs range from ‘Smoke On The Water’ to ‘Back In Black’ and everything in between. If you’d like to take the challenge simply visit our Youtube Channel to get involved. If you like what you see whilst visiting then don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel to receive regular content. I’ve attached the first Riffs video below to get you started. Also if you would like a full PDF of the 100 Riffs for you to print then get in touch via our Contact page.

Come on guys you know you want to, get involved and don’t forget to send us your progress via video to [email protected] for some completely FREE critique.


Henry & Rich @ MGTB

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