mobile doesn’t refer to your phone!

Here at Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol both myself Richard Hillyer, and Henry Wilson, have been asked at times how we go about giving guitar lessons by phone, which we do find amusing. It made us realise that we live in a society that is so incredibly dominated by smartphones and mobile communication that words now take on a single automatic meaning as opposed to there being the possibility of a second use of a word, such as mobile, meaning ‘able to move around’.

However as a conversation point it is great fun and it does give us the opportunity to talk in a little more detail what mobile guitar tuition is all about. What we really enjoy is the bit where we explain how popular lessons with Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol are when performed via Skype. It also makes us feel pretty cool to know that we are able to embrace and use ‘modern technology’ to teach a musical instrument that is believed to date back to the Medieval period in history. Of course there we are talking about the acoustic guitar – the electric guitar didn’t come along until the 1920s after the arrival of electricity itself! The solid body electric guitar we know today then appeared in the 1940s, though it is still a point of controversy as to who actually invented this type – the principal candidates are Les Paul, Leo Fender, Paul Bigsby and O.W. Appleton, the first two names you may instantly recognize.

However what is more important is which instrument you want to play. As a Bristol-based mobile guitar tuition set-up we can give you the choice of either acoustic or electric guitar lessons. In addition, from as little as £1.00 per day we can hire you out a guitar to get a feel for the instrument before you decide to buy one for yourself, so please don’t feel you have to already have one before you book a lesson. So to find out more and to have a chat, why not use your mobile to call us!

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