Lesson Frequency

Lessons are taught on a weekly/fortnightly basis, lesson payment can be made either through BACS Transfer before the lesson or in cash on the day. You will receive one free lesson if you book a block of ten lessons in advance which is included in the price quoted.

Skype Lesson Payment

Skype lesson payment will need to have cleared before the lesson commences. Please pay for your lesson in advance to avoid missing out on your lesson slot. As soon as the payment has cleared your lesson slot will be confirmed, until that time your lesson slot is only a provisional booking. Skype lesson payment will be taken via Paypal or BACS payment. You can pay via BACS payment via our Contact page and we will be happy to help you process your lesson booking.

Regular Payments Via BACS

We recommend regular students to set up a standing order so payments go out in plenty of time prior to your lesson and that way you will never miss your lesson. This can easily be edited via online banking and stopped by yourself if necessary. If in the unfortunate event we have to cancel or reschedule your lesson we will offer you an alternative slot agreed by both parties. If another slot is not suitable a full refund will be given for the lesson that we had to cancel.

Block Booking Discount

Booking a block of ten lessons upfront will entitle all students to a free lesson included in the price that is quoted. Take a look at our block booking Prices and save money off your regular lessons starting today. We keep an account of remainingBlock Lessons and will inform you as they come close to completing. We are also happy for you to keep a record of how many lessons you have completed.

* Block lesson bookings must be delivered as consecutive weekly/fortnightly lessons. Any lessons missed due to cancellations by the student will be deducted from your account. If you are aware of a long period where lessons will not be able to take place please don’t book block lessons as we will not be able to offer you a refund.

Recommend A Friend Offer

Here at Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol we like to keep lessons affordable for all our students. We are constantly introducing offers and promotions for you to save money on lesson bookings and to take advantage of our current offers.

Simply recommend a friend for Mobile or Skype Guitar Tuition and receive your next lesson Free!

Recommend A Friend – The Small Print
  • You must already be a student with Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol or participated in at least one full paid lesson to benefit from this offer.
  • Recommended friend Must Mention Your Name when booking the lesson to receive your free lesson.
  • There are no limits on how many friends you can recommend.
  • This offer is in conjunction with Block Lesson Booking Discount.
  • Misuse of this offer will result in lesson termination or revoking of the free lesson.
Refund Policy

There are no refunds on block booking purchases. Please note that if you decide to pay by cash on the day we will require payment directly after the lesson. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in a late payment fee of 20% of the chosen lesson duration. Refunds will only be offered if we have had to cancel a lesson and another lesson slot we have offered has not been suitable.

* It is at our discretion whether a refund will be offered on any other cases*

Cancellation Policy

Twenty four hours notice is required for a cancellation otherwise full payment will be expected. Lessons can be terminated by both parties at any point.

Do I need a guitar for my first lesson?

Yes, a guitar will be required for your first lesson. We would recommend the following guitars as a good starting point.

Electric Guitars 

Squier Stratocaster by Fender

Squier Stratocaster by Fender

Epiphone Les Paul by Gibson

Epiphone Les Paul by Gibson

Acoustic Guitars 

Washburn Electro Acoustic

Washburn Electro Acoustic

Taylor Baby Acoustic

Taylor Baby Acoustic
Can we rent a guitar from Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol?

A. Yes. we offer a guitar rental service allowing you to try the guitar before you commit to purchasing your own further down the line. Ask your tutor for prices at your lesson or mention when you get in Contact. All guitars are of exceptional standard and set up ready for use. Please be aware if the guitar is lost, stolen or damaged you will be completely liable for repair or replacement of the instrument. Guitar rentals start from £1 per day, so as you can see to begin with this is going to save you a lot of money compared to buying a decent standard £500+ guitar. Guitars are maintained by us and serviced regularly including any restringing that may need to take place through snapped or worn strings.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

A. No, unfortunately not. The content we provide takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and is individually tailored. Therefore we need to charge for our time and travel, we think you will be 100% happy with the service we provide.

What will I need for my lessons?

A. We will supply high quality teaching resources, however grade books will need to be purchased and are not supplied. You will need a guitar/amp or an acoustic guitar and most importantly a tuner, I would recommend a Clip On Tuner.

You will need a few plectrums which come in various shapes and sizes, best to try a few at your local music store until you find out which one suites your style of playing.  A Music Stand, Metronome and Capo will also be of use and will allow a more efficient practice routine. We would also recommend the Fret Tester app for IOS devices that will help you learn the notes across the fretboard in a fun way.

Can you advise me on what guitar/equipment I may need to buy?

A. Yes we are more than happy to advise on any musical equipment you are looking to buy. We can also recommend local music shops that can help you with your purchase and offer discount on items.

What if I’m not interested in grades and just want to learn for fun?

A. That is fine, most people start out  just wanting to learn for fun and enjoyment.

Can you teach me my favourite songs?

A. Yes we can teach anything from Jessie J to Van Halen.

Where do lessons take place?

A. Lessons take place in the comfort of your own home via Mobile Guitar Tuition or online via Skype. We will travel to you, travel expenses are included in the price quoted. A small fee will be added if you live outside the covered area.

What days do you teach?

A. We teach full time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  We teach mornings, afternoons and into the evenings from 9am-8pm Monday- Thursday, finishing at the earlier time of 6.30pm on a Friday due to band gigging commitments.

If this doesn’t suite you then let us know your availability through our Contact Page and we will try our best to accommodate.

Can I stop having lessons at any time?

A. Yes you can stop your lessons at any point, you are not tied into any lesson contracts with us. There are no refunds on Block Bookings.

What styles do you teach?

A. We cover most styles of contemporary guitar including Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk & Soul. We don’t teach Classical guitar as we feel this requires a completely different approach to learning the instrument. Although we can play a few Classical songs, we would not like to claim that we specialise in teaching Classical music. We can recommend some great Classical guitar tutors in Bristol, but this is not us I’m afraid.

Am I too old?

A. Most definitely not. We have a range of students from age 8-80!! As long as you have the time and patience to practice between lessons, we can help you. Some of our best students are older as they have more time to practice as they are retired etc. So in this case you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Do you teach me to read music notation?

A. We don’t teach you how to read music notation unfortunately. You will need a different teacher for this I’m afraid. We teach the most popular method amongst guitarist known as guitar tablature or TAB for short. It’s a simple system consisting of numbers, which allows you to be able to play quickly without the draw back of learning all the musical notes first. It’s not a cheat method either, popular guitar magazines such as Total Guitar, Guitarist & Guitar Techniques all use this method for transcribing. If studying with a Classical teacher you will be expected to learn to read music, we take a different approach as we want lessons to be fun and enjoyable and not just using old methods that are unispiring and with songs you aren’t interested in learning.

How are you different to other guitar teachers?

A. Firstly we are two young guitar tutors who play regularly in wedding/functions bands. We use this experience to train our students ready for work in the industry or in a band if this is an area they would like to pursue. We also only teach what inspires you, we don’t want to give you lessons that you don’t enjoy. We have experienced lessons like this ourselves in the past and it leads to frustration and unfortunately failure. We also offer a travel service to all our students to take the stress out of you having to find us. We also find students are more relaxed in their home environment.

How long until I can shred like Van Halen?

A. OK, I’ll be honest here. It will take many years of practice and study to develop your skills and to be a proficient player. I’m still learning myself and will never stop learning, there is always plenty more to learn.

Short term though with regular practice, I recommend an hour a week minimum to all of my students then you will see relatively consistent improvements, this can be broken down into ten or twenty minutes per evening. As they say, practice makes perfect.

How much do I need to practice in between lessons?

A. This is a tricky question to answer. We would advise all students to participate in regular daily practice routines. We require a minimum practice requirement of ninety minutes a week and there is no maximum. However long practice routines are a thing of the past, be efficient with your time. Practice any longer than an hour that is unstructured will be a complete waste of your time. For younger students we would recommend ten to fifteen minutes daily to achieve consistent improvement. If you are new to the guitar your fingers will be sore and you are in control of how much you can practice before your fingers become sore. Don’t just keep practicing as you will make your fingers too sore and will need to take time off to recover. In summary our best advice is little and often to see a constant progression. No practice at all will result in limited progression and frustrated teachers and students. We can only guide you with the instrument but it requires work on your behalf for things to improve.

This all sounds great, how do I book my first lesson?

A. Use the Contact page on this website to book your first lesson. Please leave us your current availability, address and what you would like to learn and we will get back to you within 24 hours.