May 2019 – MGTB Newsletter

Newsletter – May 2019

Whats been happening this month at MGTB?

Newsletter – May 2019 – We’ve had a busy month here at MGTB. We started our very first guitar club which is being run by tutor Richard Hillyer and we’ve just agreed a contract for guitar lessons at the Oasis Academy in Brislington. Read below for more information.


Keynsham Guitar Club

Guitar Club Keynsham








“If you like a lot of ‘guitar’ in your life,  join our club.” We’ve just started our first ever guitar club and it was a huge success with fifteen members in attendance. If you’d like to get involved with our next guitar club on Thursday 6th June @ 8pm then please follow this link and book in – limited to just fifteen spaces https://www.facebook.com/events/610140256134138/

We will be holding the club temporarily at the Somerdale Community Shed, Keynsham, Bristol.

Oasis Academy Contract Guitar Lessons @ The Oasis Academy

We’re really proud and excited to have taken over the guitar lessons contract at the Oasis Academy in Brislington. Tutor Oliver will be managing the lessons all day on a Monday. We look forward to working with the wonderful staff at Oasis Academy.

This Months Video Lessons 

The three big guns of the amp world for us would have to be the Marshall, Fender & Vox amplifiers. If you’d like to learn more about these style of amplifiers and what type of guitarist they would suit simply watch our video below.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel Here.

Song Of The Month – Adventure Of A Lifetime – Coldplay

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