So how did it all begin, and where? Mobile Guitar Tuition does some research

It is a curious thing in life but there are many items we have today that cannot be pinpointed down to exactly when they first came into existence. The guitar is certainly one of them, as we have often been asked during a lesson who invented the guitar. As with much we use today, the guitar is an adaptation of earlier model, in this case the lyre or lute. There seems to be one unanimous consensus and that is that the guitar as we know it today is of European design, though it gets its name from its Persian origins, the ‘chartar’ which translated meant four strings.

It was during the Renaissance period that the four ‘course’ guitar became the norm, then being transformed around the 16th century into five and six courses, then six strings. Curiously the Italians were very prominent at the time in making stringed instruments, and while many of you may have heard of the Stardivarius violin, he also produced what was the six course “guitarra battente”. However the real turning point in the life of the guitar took place in Spain in the 1850s when Antonio Torres Jurado produced the much larger and wider-bodied guitar which we now all associate with both Spanish guitars and also acoustic guitars.

However at Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol we don’t want to bore you to death with too much about the history of the guitar, though if you have as much passion for the instrument as we do, then you won’t be able to get enough of its history. Maybe you’d like us to tell you little snippets of history during your lessons just so you know as it does help to make a connection with the instrument if you do know a little of its history.

We’ll cover the history of the electric guitar in another blog, so for now it just remains for us here at Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol to tell you to please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our mobile guitar lessons, or if there is anything else about guitars you’d like to discuss.

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