Reach Your Guitar Goals In 2020

Reach Your Guitar Goals In 2020


Achieve Your Goals

Reach your goals in 2020! Whatever your guitar goals are in 2020, set realistic and achievable targets and you will smash them. If you need a little more motivation or someone to keep you on track, we’re here to help you. Over the years we have seen students achieve amazing things, we genuinely believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Goal Setting

By setting a goal we have something to refer back to and work towards. Your goal could be one big goal or a few much smaller goals, heading towards a big goal.

Be Timely

Set a realistic time for you to achieve your goal or goals. Will your goal take six weeks or even six months to achieve? Try not to be too ambitious with your goals. For example ” I want to play Wembley Stadium by the end of next month.” If you’ve not even started learning yet this would be considered an unrealistic target to achieve within the time frame set. The opposite of this would be setting a goal which is too easy to achieve, an example of this would be to play a D chord by the end of the year. You will most likely achieve this within a few practice sessions. Something like this would be much more suitable, ” I would like to play through the chord progression to Brown Eyed Girl by the end of the month.”

Record Your Progress

Every student who participates in lessons with us receives their very own practice diary. Use this diary every week to keep a record of progress and a track of your goals. Simply flick back through your diary at the end of the year and you will be amazed with your progress. Don’t believe us about the power of goal setting , check out this article from Forbes.

Get Support

Learning by yourself can be really tough. You’re more likely to quit without the right support than if you were to take lessons with a professional tutor. You take the risk of getting into bad habits studying by yourself, although Youtube is a fantastic resource and we run our very own successful channel, nothing can beat one to one tuition. Get in touch if you’d like to take your goals seriously in 2020.


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Rich @ MGTB

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