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We are super excited to announce a partnership with Strings Direct. This new relationship means we can offer all MGTB students a 7.5% discount on their purchases at Strings Direct. 

UK & Europe’s No.1 String Supplier

Strings Direct are the leading UK & Europe string supplier and distributor. They hold a huge stock of string manufacturers and have super speedy delivery options so you get your strings and accessories as and when you need them. 

How Do I Qualify For Discount?

As an MGTB student actively having lessons with a tutor you are immediately applicable for this discount. Click the button below to email your tutor and receive your unique discount code. 

Other Ways To Receive Your Discount?

There are other ways you can receive this lifetime discount. Simply sign up for a “Guitar Stars” monthly subscription, leave us a Google & Facebook review, sign up to our mailing list, or simply become one of our business support affiliates. 

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Top String Tips

We highly recommend trying a set of Ernie Ball regular slinky for optimum tension across all of your instruments. Check out our string recommendation table below to see what best matches your guitar. 


Gibson Les Paul Style Guitar

We recommend a set of Ernie Ball gauge 11’s

Fender Stratocaster Style Guitar

For a Stratocaster to feel its best we recommend a set of Ernie Ball gauge 10’s as pictured above. 

Fender Telecaster Style Guitar

With a Telecaster depending on style you are playing we recommend a set of 10’s or 11 gauge strings. If however you are playing a lot of Country guitar try a set of 9’s to achieve those famous pedal steel bends with ease. 

Acoustic Guitars

With Acoustics it’s a little harder to suggest the right strings. However we do love a set of Elixir gauge 12 for optimum sound and tension. 

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