Ten Top Tips For Improvisation

Ten Top Tips For Improvisation


1.) Close Your Eyes – Shutting off one sense really improves your others, including your ears. Let yourself go.

2.) Learn Your Scales And Then Forget About Them – Use your scales to know which notes work but don’t get limited by them.

3.) Use Your Ears – If it sounds good it sounds good. Don’t over think it. If you think it sounds good go with it. Not everything has to follow theoretical rules. Listen to the chord structure to whatever your Improvising over and try to compliment it with your playing.

4.) A Great Conversation – Try to pace your phrases. Put a good amount of excitement into your playing utilising your techniques and dynamics.

5.) Less Is Always More – Enjoy the space in music and the gaps you leave. Don’t panic about leaving a gap in music it allows the listener to digest your last phrase and gets them ready for your next face melter.

6.) Be Melodic – Try to construct and create melodies in your playing. Nice pretty little tunes.

7.) Hear What You Play Before You Play It – So you don’t waste any notes in your solos try to listen ahead. Hear it in your head and then play it on the guitar. This takes practice and ear training.

8.) Play Along With Your Favourite Tracks And Just Jam Over The Top – Be cool with hitting some odd notes and learn what does and doesn’t work.

9.) Jam With Friends As Much As Possible – Trade licks and enjoy learning from each other.

10.) Just Do It – Don’t get to hung up on this guy or that guy on YouTube. Chances are these guys you look up to all did at some point what you’re trying to achieve now.

We hope this helps you tackle your fear of improvisation and gives you some tips to get you started, until next month keep up the good practice.

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