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Tough Times

Thrive & Survive – Before I start this blog post I’d just like to make it clear, I am not stating this to be an answer for everyone. This is entirely my opinion on the current global situation we are all dealing with. Blogging I have found to be a great way to get things off my mind and onto paper. In this blog I am going to discuss my thoughts on the current situation and suggest how we can all learn and develop moving forwards. I will also discuss how this has affected my business personally and what I have learnt. 

My Thoughts For What It’s Worth

Let’s all put our hands up here and say, we could have all been more prepared. Myself included, we have all been living too long in a bubble, or on auto pilot mode. We can all admit to living sometimes in a very sell-fish manner. We have neglected the people around us, taken for granted our way of life, and have forgotten about looking out for one another. 

Just in the last week I have shouted over the fence to my elderly neighbours to check they are all ok, checked in on friends and family I have otherwise neglected, and I have taken the time to look after myself. Why does this not happen on a daily basis I have asked myself. Well It’s the fast pace of life and auto pilot mode we all travel around in that has stopped us actually being in the moment and engaging our conscious brain. 

It’s Time To Slow Down

The most important thing I have realised over the last few weeks is how important it is that we just take a moment to slow things down. All elements of our lives have become fast pace and automised, to the point that if you do not move fast enough, you will be left behind. 

Take this time to contact friends and family via Skype, Zoom or House Party and let them know you are thinking about them. It will take you no time at all but they will get a lot from it and you will feel better about yourself also. As I write this blog post I took a minute to stop and send a message to my nan. She lives in Winchester so I just wanted to check that she is well. It took me literally 30 seconds to compose the message, but I know this will mean a lot to her.  


The events of the last few weeks have affected all businesses either directly or indirectly. Some businesses have been hit harder than others, but I would say we are all together feeling the pinch. I’m lucky enough to be friends with lots of fantastic local businesses and it has felt like we have all gotten together in this troubling time to offer support and a listening ear. 

I’ll talk briefly about how this has affected my business and how I’ve managed to overcome taking a much bigger blow. As you are probably aware my main business deals with delivering a guitar lesson service throughout the Bristol & Bath area. As you can imagine with the current situation that is not possible at all. We currently work with five guitar tutors so I have felt the pressure to keep these guys busy over the last few weeks and for the foreseeable future. 

Online Booking

We had just had a new website designed, built and launched ready for the next journey forward with our business operations. I’ve felt very fortunate that we have managed to do this as it put us in a great business position ready to take online lesson bookings with real time updates. This has helped massively with allowing our tutors to update their own availability, has taken the pressure off of myself and has kept us a float and thriving in this current market situation. We have actually taken on new students in the last week. Which is an achievement for any business at this current time. 

Skype Guitar Lessons

We have all been teaching via Skype for the last five years at least. This has put us in a great position as we have already got a developed system and method for working remotely. I have noticed and offered help and advice to lots of musicians over the last few weeks to get them up and running remotely. If you would like to book a Skype guitar lesson with us simply click here

The Future

We must take this opportunity to reset and develop strategies for if this were to happen again. Being unprepared for the next possible pandemic is not acceptable. We all have the time now to take some time out to plan for the future, grow our business and think about our operations. Can we work from home more to help the pressure on the environment, can we get up earlier and work a more compact week. Dedicating our time to our friends and family and being conscious in the here and now. Thinking weeks ahead as this event proves is completely worthless. Now do not get me wrong I have not got this business to where it is today by simply winging it. But  I have decided to think less and let things happen organically. We are all on a path in life so why not enjoy that path and let life take us where it wants to. 

Final Thoughts

Take my advice, completely disregard it is entirely your choice. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog I am not an expert and I certainly don’t believe myself to be any different to the rest of you. However the only difference is I have woken up, taken note and kept on thriving and surviving in this situation.

I wish you all the best of luck and please be safe and sensible over the course of the next few weeks and months. Genuinely if you would like any help or feel I can offer you any advice at all get in contact

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, 

Rich @ MGTB

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